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Televend means Smart Vending

Televend Smart Vending is the leading IoT solution for vending and coffee machine management based on real-time data. It provides easy to use tools to optimize the daily operations in the commercial and industrial vending, OCS, and HoReCa.

Who is Televend for?

Commercial Vending
OCS Vending
Industrial Vending
Televend Vending Platform



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Televend will improve your profits, and cut your operational costs in vending.

What do our customers say?

Visionary Coffee Brand

“Televend Wallet gave us unique opportunity to interact with consumers on a daily basis. We can now modify our services according to direct consumer feedback from mobile app, or even reach and refund the customer if necessary. Consumers like it, because they get rewarded for the feedback, and are motivated to buy more. Rewarding platform enabled us to increase sales without sacrificing profit, as we can finetune the conditions for collecting points.

Televend Cloud significantly improved our filling procedures, service reaction time and provided transparency in our business with real time information from machines, which we never thought would be possible in such automated way.”

Exec Dir – Business Development, Franck d.d.
1000+ machines connected

Innovative Vending Operator

“To make the decision for our telemetry system, we analyzed all the existing solutions in the market and decided that Televend was our best partner for the present and the future. We have 100% of our machines connected and we perform 100% of our processes with real-time information. This tool has helped us significantly increase productivity, reduce costs and increase profitability. With Televend we have revolutionized the management of our company.

We recommend it to any vending operator regardless of its size and as long as it is not our direct competitor because in that case, it is better that they remain in the Pleistocene of management.

Raúl Benito – CEO, Eboca Spain
1000+ machines connected

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