These couple of months were eventful. As the world embraced the „new normal“ way of life, Televend returned to the good old routine by presenting at three big conferences this fall – in Munich, Milano, and Düsseldorf. We have also introduced our great products to students at the FOI Career Week.

But we don’t just work – we are also humanitarians. This December, good people at Televend decided to cheer up kids at the Mali Zmaj association. The folks from Mali Zmaj have dedicated their work to improving the quality of life of impoverished and neglected kids since 2009.

Over one hundred children from Mali Zmaj received festive packages with scarves, gloves, hats, underwear, toys, and candy. We hope we managed to make their holidays just a little happier and warmer with these small tokens of appreciation.


What are holidays without gifts? Admit it – we all love them. That’s why we organized Secret Santa for our employees this year, too.

There was plenty of laughter and joy, as well as surprised faces and raised eyebrows at the gift exchange. Once again, Secret Santa matchmaker has proved it has its way of making a perfect match😊.

Those who work hard play harder, right? Since last year we only had an online soirée, this year we decided to redeem ourselves with a full-fledged Christmas party in our backyard. And boy, it was jolly!

Festive spirit filled the air. People were dancing to the beat of famous pop hits and enjoying delicious food and drink.

We also cheered up our employees with thoughtful gifts. Everyone could enjoy it, from those with a sweet tooth to those who appreciate fine coffee and artisan tea. On top of that, it was an outdoor event, so it was entirely safe for our employees.

To wrap it up, the Televend team had a wonderfully successful year despite all the hardships caused by the pandemic. Having said that, we’re already working hard to outdo it next year in both business and humanitarian aspects. There’s only one thing more to say: We wish you Happy Holidays, well-deserved time off, and a spectacular New Year!

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