One of the keys to success in vending is the quality of customer service. Televend has invested months in the development and perfecting of two new modules focused on improving the quality of customer service and maintenance. Meet Call Center and Technical Center.

It’s normal to expect that the machine will experience certain issues from time to time. We cannot change that, but we can improve on the right issue detection, prompt reaction, and the quality of resolution.

Improve SLA with Televend Call Center

Televend Call Center allows operators to receive tickets from different sources: end-users, mobile app, phones, or the machine itself. All requests flow in a single ticket stream, where they are easily managed and solved. Operators can reply to the users directly from the ticket and communicate internally to get the information needed first and ensure the problem is solved not only fast but more importantly the right way.

Real-Time Ticket Stream

With a real-time ticket stream, no request goes unnoticed. Regardless of how they were entered, via email, manually, or automatically, each ticket lands in the Call Center, where it gets assigned to its owner, responsible for resolving it. Ticket management helps you prioritize the most urgent tickets to be resolved first, which brings order into the dynamic process of customer service.

Advanced Search and History View

Advanced search options and history view help you look for similar issues that have already happened before, saving your team time on troubleshooting.

Automatic Ticket Creation

Getting tickets automatically based on the machine alerts and warning helps solve problems faster, maybe even before customers experience anything wrong on the machine.

Repairs Done Right with Technical Center

Televend Technical Center saves the day when it comes to servicing and repairs. It helps you schedule better, and prioritize your routes based on different factors. Plan better based on the issue, urgency, technician skills, availability, etc. It optimizes your planning and helps your team to focus on the problem, instead of, for instance, wasting time in traffic.

Advanced Scheduling

You’ve received a ticket from Cell Center and now it’s time to repair. Plan your day or week in advance, and prioritize based on the urgency, problem complexity, spare parts available. For instance, you know you’ll get spare parts for a specific machine on Friday, so you plan a visit for it, immediately on Friday afternoon.

Intelligent Dispatching

It’s not unusual that a problem needs attention right this minute. The machine is not working, it’s a high traffic location, workday, and the client is furious. Time is of the essence, and Technical Center can help with that. It gives you an overview of all your technicians and their current routes.

Custom Workflows

Add a custom form to each repair. Determine the information that the technician needs to confirm for each ticket or repair, for instance, confirm the location, scan the barcode on the machine, determine the type of repair, etc. Collect more information about the machine repairs, guide the technicians and standardize the overall service process.

On-the-Go Mobile App

Empower your on-field team, with an app that helps them just get up and go in the morning.

  • List of all routes for the day, check.
  • Detailed map with traffic details, check!
  • Ticket with machine problem described, and the previous history added, check, check, and check!

Televend mobile app helps the field team, integrate with the team in the office, seamlessly through the day. Whatever changes in the plan during the day, if an unexpected new issue occurs, your technicians will be immediately updated and assigned to the issue based on their skills, availability, proximity, etc. This means, you can send an expert for X machines, if the X machine is broken, or your technician can be at the location of a broken machine, in a matter of minutes, saving the client of dreaded downtime.

Want more?

To learn more about these new Televend features, check out the following pages:

If you’d like to try out the new modules, don’t hesitate to contact us or schedule a demo.

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