Televend Payment Readers power Dubai Refreshment – Pepsi Co Machines at Dubai Expo 2020

About Dubai Refreshment – Pepsi Cola Bottler:

Dubai Refreshment Company – DRC is the leading Food & beverage manufacturing and distribution company in the Lower Gulf of the Arab Peninsula. The business began as a limited liability company by Decree of His Highness, The Ruler of Dubai, and in July 1994, it amended its status as a Public Shareholding company.

It has been exclusive bottling and distributing company for all Pepsi Cola beverages since 1962. More significantly, the company introduced the Pepsi range of products to the UAE and has successfully done the same for almost 60 years.

It is strategically located at the heart of the new industrial hub midway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, at Dubai Investment Park. The new site is state-of-the-art that meets all the industry’s current requirements.

Excellence is a standard operating procedure at DRC

A vast distribution network ensures PepsiCo products are readily available to customers all over the UAE and many parts of the world. The company’s vision has always been to be the Lower Gulf’s leading F&B company, driven by top-caliber people, equipped with the right tools and solid systems. One of those people is Anas Taraben, I.C.T. & Smart Vending Director, who explains how it was working with Televend on this project.

Challenge: Finding easy to use adaptable card readers

The need to have card payment was pushed by many customers as a mandated requirement, and the shift to using NFC technology like (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.) put more pressure on us to find the right solution.

All our vending machines use a Televend solution equipped with telemetry devices (Televend Box) that allow us to manage and replenish the machine and do cash monitoring. The problem was that our machines didn’t accept card payments. It was always a challenge for us to have an affordable payment system that can work with all different types of machines.

The need increased with Dubai Expo 2020 coming up, and we needed to find the solution fast.


“We have evaluated many solutions in the market, but all of them used expensive devices and were not user friendly. We were looking for a seamless device with simple steps to achieve the transactions quickly.”

Solution: Televend Pay card readers

The proposed solution from Televend was innovative since with minor investment relying on the existence of a telemetry box inside the machine and adding a new simple NFC card reader we could achieve the requirements.

Implementation was straightforward and easy

It took us about 6 months from beginning to end to get certified and integrated with the local bank system to support Visa and Master Card schemes. The implementation was straightforward and did not take a lot of time to make it happen.

Results: Fast implementation with added benefits

Unlike other providers, Televend’s solution is optimized for automated retail, and it fits seamlessly into any machine or existing system. Accepting card transactions just in time for Dubai EXPO 2020 was the most significant achievement. We had a mandate to facilitate all our machines with credit/debit card readers, and we could do it on time. We are now rolling it out to most of our market devices to improve our sales, increase efficiency, and avoid fraud.


“I would like to send big thanks to Televend Team and Management that gave us all the support and put the extra mile to achieve this project.”