How Dynamic Vending used Televend QR Code Vouchers for Nestlé Coffee Marketing Promotion


  • Marketing promotion of new drink using vending
  • Need to vend without touching the machine
  • COVID restrictions


  • QR code vouchers
  • Auto vend solution
  • Touchless promotion

Dynamic Vending (Pty) Ltd supports a wide range of customers in South Africa, and across Sub-Saharan Africa, with their vending needs. Steve Holliday, the Managing Director, explains how he used Televend when working with Nestlé’s promotions team, Two Tone Global Communications, on their latest iced coffee drinks promotion.

How did Televend Vouchers help with the Nestlè promotion?

For TTG Communications, the agency responsible for this marketing promotion for Nestlé South Africa (Pty) Ltd, they needed to provide a Touchless, Auto Vend solution using QR codes to promote the new Nestlé iced coffee range of drinks. The promotion was activated across a number of Shopping Centers in South Africa, and it had to be a touchless and automatic vend solution that could be remotely monitored, due to the COVID health restrictions.

The customer needed to engage with Nestlé on one of the social networks, promoting their latest new product, and in return he would receive a QR code voucher that generated an auto vend on the vending machines, giving out free drink to the user.

How was your experience with Televend?

Steve already had experience with Televend and decided to reach out to explore the options for this project.

There were no extra equipment costs, it just took a little time and testing to set up the machines initially to perform the auto vend. With a little help from the Televend team, the vouchers were quickly set up, and as Steve says it went better than expected.

It was discussed for a while first and once all ideas were clear then from the go-ahead, we managed to get everything finished, tested, and have it operating well in less than 2 weeks.

Nestle Marketing Promotion

“Televend Vouchers work very well. As far as I know, we are the only people in South Africa that, with the help of Televend, have managed to get this right, especially in such a short time. I believe this same solution can be used in many various situations and projects.”

What has impressed you the most?

Highlight of Televend features used for this promotion.

Remote Touchless Auto Vend

The remote touchless, auto vend provided the customer with exactly what they wanted at this time with limiting the user’s necessity to touch the machine in support of reducing the risk of spreading COVID.

Vend Speed

The customer has been impressed with the vend speed. At times it has managed to complete the process and vend a product every 12-15 seconds. One of the machines reached 60% more vends than initially budgeted.

Real-Time Stock Level

We enabled customer the access to just filling and monitoring the stock levels. Due to the number of refills required per day the manual fill feature has been an extremely valuable tool in ensuring the success of the promotion.

Were you satisfied? Do you plan to use Televend in the future?

The promotion went spectacularly, and the even greater benefit was that it was all done during the COVID, while still maintaining all health measurements needed. We definitely plan to continue using vouchers and of course Televend in the future. Televend is a powerful platform, with many use cases, which has helped us not only with this client but with many other before.


In the future, we expect to widely implement the same solution, not just for promotional vending, but for any company or industry that requires a secure, fast and touchless auto vend solution.”

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