Televend Wallet helped Seeberger establish a subsidized payment system for office canteens

About Seeberger:

Seeberger is an international company based in Ulm, Germany, with a 175-year tradition in providing food retail, gastronomy, and office coffee solutions for retail, coffee shops, HoReCa channels, and offices.

They offer a quality range of dried fruits, nuts, healthy snacks, and coffee while creating innovative concepts. On top of that, they are one of the oldest coffee roasters in Germany offering a range of finely tuned, full-bodied aromas.

Challenge: Finding a subsidized payment provider that works with a regular cash register 

Seebergers’ client, the biggest retail chain in Germany, wanted to offer subsidized lunches and breakfasts at their office canteens to their employees.

For convenience reasons, they wanted employees to buy meals with their company ID cards, which they usually use for time stamping, printer control, and access authorization. Furthermore, there were some other features requirements, such as the credit status display after the company ID card had been presented and the cancellation function.

The challenge for Seeberger was to find an integrated solution that can offer subsidized payments for employees and a cash register system that performs regular payments – both trackable in a central monitoring system.

seeberger office canteens

“We have evaluated many solutions in the market, but none of them fit all the criteria. We were looking for a seamless solution that our employees can easily adopt and use.”

digital vending wallet for canteens

Solution: Televend Wallet – subsidized closed-loop payment solution

Seeberger decided to combine two systems. Berlin-based company, KamaSys, was chosen as the cash register solution, while Televend was selected as the digital wallet platform.

Televend’s closed-loop wallet system provides predefined bonuses for each employee distributed via their ID cards. At the same time, it gives the employer control over the redeemed subsidies in a central web app. The employer can simply log in, generate a cloud report of all transactions in their canteens, and export it to further analyze the data.

There were some hurdles to overcome during the implementation process, but ultimately it all went smooth thanks to great communication and cooperation.

Results: Higher employee motivation and improved productivity

  • Thanks to Televend’s and Kamasys’ cooperation, Seeberger can approach more customers by offering a plug-and-play product with a proven track record, high adoption rate, and tested integration process.

  • Seeberger’s client, a large retail chain, can now offer their employees a great office perk by giving them subsidized lunches and breakfasts, which resulted in higher motivation and greater productivity.

  • Moreover, because employees had their meals prepared for them in the canteen, they didn’t need to worry about bringing food from home or wasting time going outside the office for a lunch break.

  • On top of it all, the offering in the canteen included a range of specialty meals – such as vegetarian, gluten and sugar-free, making it available to people with specific dietary needs.