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Customer Mobile App

Televend Mobile App is Iphone and Android based mobile application for the end users
The application enables your customers to find nearest vending machines and provides them with the list including distances, exact locations and types – coffee, snacks, cigarettes, etc.

The app also enables user friendly product information. User can search for drinks or food near them and also check the nutritional information of the products avaliable inside of the machine.
The app also enables fast cashless purchase – user simply scans the QR code on the machine with the integrated QR code scanner. This automatically generates an SMS which sends credit to that machine.
Vending operator can organize various loyalty programs, offer special mobile app user discounts, offer free samples, research customer behavior. The app is a strong advertisement platform which increases the strength of your vending business.

Service Mobile App

With Televend Service App filler operators enter exact quantities of products refilled during filling visit.
On visit to each machine refiller operator opens refill tab in the Application where he enters how much products/ingredients did he fill.

Before going to refill visit operator gets real time information of goods needed for each machine. This enables optimizing inventory. 

  • pick up lists, list of machines and locations on mobile phone
  • with confirmation of refill through mobile app, manager on Web portal see the progress of servicer
  • navigate to the machines along the route, through the application 
The effect of organizing refill visits with the help of mobile app drastically reduces time and fuel needed for machine visits.  


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