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Televend system

Televend is a total vending telemetry, sales and marketing solution which makes your vending business smart, interactive and manageable online. It comes as a turn key for vending including a small Televend box installed inside of the machine, web application for monitoring, reporting, route optimization and marketing, and mobile applications – for refill operators and for end customers.  

  • Real time product quantity
  • Real time cashbox data
  • Real time machine status
  • Multiple statistical, sales and maintenance reports

  • Filler and servicer optimization
  • Create pick up lists for filler from live telemetry data
  • Assign machines to fillers
  • Track filler progress on route

  • Mobile app for filler 
  • Mobile app for servicers/technician
  • Mobile app for end customers

  • Remote Box software update
  • Alarm level settings

  • Mobile app payment
  • SMS payment

Centralized place for your complete vending network.

The key benefit of Televend is the centralized control of your business from one place – web application.
Televend provides you telemetry technology for your existing machines creating a unique network.
Manage and monitor your vending machines, track sales statistics, organize maintenance, service – all in real time
Supporting vending industry communication standards, our solution is flexible and works with all kinds of machines (coffe, snack, cigarette…)


Improve customer experience and increase profits.

Drive up profitability through direct benefits for your customercashless payment and preventing empty slots in your machines.
Cashless payment is even more convenient than traditional paying methods and the process takes only a few seconds
Your customer will never again experience slots without their favorite product. Always know which machines need to be maintained and refilled.
Save fuel and time by optimizing the maintenance route.

Key information – secure and live.

Sales information crucial to your business are automatically generated live on the Televend web application – no need for manual recordings
The practical and reliable way of data collection enables you to plan sales and allocate supply according to customer demand.
Filter the sales reports by regions, particular location such as business buildings, or even for a single machine.
Data collected from the machines is stored to a secure and modular cloud platform and the application is also adapted for mobile phone use.




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