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Televend Box


 Compact and easy to install vending telemetry

Televend Box is a telemetry device embedded into your machines and enables them to communicate online with Televend web application. This makes your machines intellingent and managable online.
Installation is very simple – plug and play. We provide you with detail documentation, video instructions and direct support from our staff. Televend device can be placed anywhere inside your vending machine, with no need for changes in the inside and lots of extra cabeling.
GSM modul enables direct communication between Televend device and Televend web application. Communication is active 24/7.

  • Temperature range: 0 °C to 70 °C
  • Inputs/Outputs
    • 1 USB
    • 1 MDB/EXE master
    • 1 MDB/EXE slave
    • 4 analog/digital IO
    • 1 SMA connector
  • GSM modul
  • Power supply +12 to +50 VDC
  • Communication protocols
    • MDB
  • Cashless Payment
    • Support for MDB cashless payment devices
    • SMS payment
    • Supports mobile application payment
  • User interface
    • LED signalization
    • 3 buttons

Cashless payment – QR code and SMS payment

Televend not only enables telemetry – monitoring and managing your vending network. It also transforms your machines into interactive sales points. Televend end user Mobile App enables you to spek to your customers.
Using the Televend mobile application or regular QR code scanner on your smartphone users can add credit to the machine by scanning the QR code printed on the machine
User can pay with SMS any product from the machine by sending a message to the number stated on the machine. The credit appears instantly on the display.

  • Vending machine users often give up from their purchase intention because they don’t have change or the particular banknote needed
  • Adding credit to the machine by SMS or QR code is being processed in real time and without waiting
  • Mobile payment is rapidly increasing for purchasing various services.
  • Differentiate yourself from other distributors/producers of vending machines by providing added value to your consumers and increase sales!

Compatible with various kinds of vending machines

Coffe, soda, candy bar, food, cigarettes, mobile top up… Any vending machine you can imagine. Televend is a powerfull and usefull telemetry tool for all kinds of self-service machines.
Televend supports all communication standards in the industry of vending machines, such as: EVA-DTS (DEX i DDCMP), Executive, MDB and others.
Televend is designed exactly to help you organize your vending business. Simply by adding the machines into categories on the Televend web portal you standardize sales reports and management of all groups of your vending machines.



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