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Televend web application


Online management

Televend web application is a central place for Televend solution where you get a complete insight into your whole vending network.  Using a simple and intuitive application you can manage and monitor your vending machines, track sales statistics, organize maintenance, service and much more.
Using Televend web application you get insight into:

  • sales statistics
  • quantity of the products
  • fill status of each ingredient tray   (for example if its a coffee machine)
  • money  inside the the machine
  • machines components – are they working properly

Using the application you can:

  • organize products and product categories
  • manage prices
  • edit machines data – name, location, products and ingredients
  • edit product/ingredient quantities which trigger the alarm

Televend software also provides a simple and practical way to organize and plan service routes and product/ingredients stock. It’s possible to create the service routes and filling schedules. Those include a complete list of locations which service staff need to visit and also a summary of needed actions for each machine.

You can access the application using your web browser. Simply, log on to your vending network with your username and password. There are different user access levels (for example region manager can get insight and change settings only for his own region, CEO can have insight into the whole network, etc.) 

Route management

Routing platform serves for creation of daily routes/product pick up lists for fillers. It provides fillers real time pick up lists from telemetry data which allows faster product pick up from the warehouse and faster filling of machines.  

  • up to 1,5 hour saving on machine location
  • up to 1 hour saving on product preparation – warehouse
  • optimize and plan service routes and product/ingredients stock in a simple and practical manner

Before each machine visit, filler gets product pick up list printed on paper or on his Televend Service app. For each route there is information on filler progress on the route.

  • automatic creation of product pick up lists by machines which are assigned to particular filler
  • downloading product pick up list with exact amount for each machine
  • pick up list also available on „Service Mobile App“ 
  • real time data about route status
  • tracking of vehicle inventory
  • editing and downloading vehicle stock
  • adding reserves taking into account expected sales in between route creation and filler visit


Sales reports and machine notifications

On the Televend web application you can see:

  • total sales of the complete vending network
  • sales of each individual machine
  • sales of each individual product
  • sales of all machines on particular location
  • top products and machines by selected locations and for complete network

All the combinations of sales statistics from your vending network are available on the web application.

  • Complete sales statistics in one place means simpler and faster data acquisition which are the key for making smart business decisions
  • Based on the statistics of the products sold on each location you can customize the offer by demand and thus increase customer satisfaction
  • Offer optimization increases your sales

Embedded Televend device sends transaction information, but also informs you if something is wrong with the machine. This means that the time frame of the service reaction is significantly decreased.

Notifications are messages about current status and relevant changes on your machines. They are informing if:

  • some machine needs to be serviced
  • some ingredient/product is missin
  • a tray with products/ingredients is soon to be empty and needs to be refilled
  • machine is offline
  • service personnel came to refill the machine/doors are opened

You can customize notifications – For each machine/group of machines you can add the quantity of ingredients/products which trigger the notification. Important information can be sent by e-mail or SMS. 

You can download all of the reports in pdf, xls and csv format. 

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