Cashless Payments in Vending

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Cashless. Contactless. Touch-free.

Enable secure cashless vending payments and contactless payments on your vending machines, and improve your sales, customer engagement, and loyalty.

Cashless Payment Solution for Vending

Types of Cashless Solutions for Vending

Cashless Payments Vending Benefits

Televend Solution for Cashless Payments in Vending

Televend cashless vending solutions are contact or contactless components and software (mobile payment app) that provide managed payment solutions, enabling users to purchase items from a vending machine without the need for physical currency.

Televend Vending Cashless Payments Overview


Cashless Payments vending Payment Schemes

How does Televend’s cashless vending work?

With Televend Wallet mobile app users can perform both mobile payment and mobile selection, which means no touch transaction. It allows a fully CONTACTLESS VENDING.

A closed-loop mobile app for your customers allowing quick payment with a smartphone on your machines, using only QR code or Bluetooth.

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Payment rounds up Televend into a perfect turn-key Payment and Telemetry solution which is deeply integrated and running in a secure PCI certified data center. Direct card (open loop) payment, flexible charging processes of mobile wallet, and real-time transaction insight will make you a Smart Vending operator.

With simple extension of Televend device by plugging in a USB, EMV certified credit card reader, Televend becomes a powerful payment tool and provider of open-loop payment solution. Functions also as a connector for different payment terminals on the market such as Ingenico, Payter, CCV, and others.

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Cashless Payments Vending Wallet