Professional Coffee Machines Cloud

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Optimize your coffee business from bean to cup

Powerful Televend IoT platform for monitoring professional coffee machines helps you ensure the Golden Cup Standard, cut maintenance costs, and increase machine profitability.

How to make your coffee machine more profitable?

Track how Machines are Really Used and
Avoid Mishandle

Track each type of coffee made by measuring the specific characteristics of the drink no matter which type of the machine is used or which predefined option the barista clicked.

Get Real-Time Consumption Reports in
Your Inbox

Create consumption reports for a specific company, machine, group head, or product. Schedule reports to come to your email.

Receive Your Information Faster and
Avoid Downtime

The algorithm used in Televend coffee software works locally on each connected machine, making it much faster than it would be working centrally in the cloud.

Customize Machine Events

Receive real-time events on machine cleanup and flushing, thus preventing the scale build-up and bad taste of coffee. Customize the events by work shifts, coffee shop locations, or other preferences.

commercial coffee machines cloud

Who is Televend Coffee Cloud for?

Coffee Roasters and

Protect brand standards and increase sales by detecting inadequate coffee bean consumption.

Coffee Machine

Protect your brand by offering exclusively top-quality coffee and avoiding machine malfunctions with predicted maintenance.

Coffee Chains and

Maintain consistent quality of served coffee and improve consumer loyalty.

Televend Professional Coffee Solution Benefits