Route Optimization

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Optimizing vending operations, means optimizing routes

Televend smart vending helps with route optimization of your vending routes, cut unnecessary costs, and improve your SLA. Visit machines based on demand forecast or as soon as technical issue appears. Prioritize based on urgency and skills needed and never miss an ETA with Televend.

How to improve routing and optimize vending operations?

Televend software for route optimization

Real-Time Route Monitoring

Using cloud-based technology Televend monitors all daily routes in real-time.

This type of visibility helps with tracking route performance, and allows operators to adjust their routes or add detours with ease, based on the workload or urgency changes.

smart vending real-time data
smart vending route optimization

Powerful Route Optimization

Predict the whole week’s visits in advance, and plan better by visiting just the right machine at just the right time.

Stop wasting time on unprofitable visits, and focus on top performers and keeping their stock up to date.

Technicians Routes Vending

Advanced Scheduling

Plan technical visits in real-time, based on the emergency or schedule in advance for the week ahead. Preview the planned route on the map, and supervise all routes or explore daily routes of a specific technician.

Intelligent Dispatching

  • Dispatch while receiving an incident, 911 style. Pick the technician by position and availability to resolve the emergency faster.

  • Include automatic calculation of driving time in your decision-making.

  • Dispatch based on the skillset or certifications of your team needed for a specific machine or issue.