Smart Vending Machines

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Take your business to the next level

Televend smart vending helps you cut unnecessary costs, enable mobile payments and engage with your customers. Transition from traditional to digital smart vending era has never been easier thanks to Televend.

How to make your vending machines smarter?

Televend Smart Vending software for automated retail

Real-Time Data and Machine Management

Using cloud-based technology Televend monitors vending machines remotely and helps operators implement intelligent vending features such as:

  • Real-time sales data and planogram improvements

  • Real-time machine status and events

  • Cash control and money bag tracking

  • Staff mobile app for on-field team

  • Pick and Pack app for smarter filling

smart vending real-time data
smart vending route optimization

Powerful Route Optimization

Predict the whole weeks visits in advance, and plan better by visiting just the right machine at just the right time.

Stop wasting time on unprofitable visits, and focus on top performers end keeping their stock up to date.

smart vending cashless payments

Mobile Cashless Payments

Accepting both cash and cashless payment such as credit cards, mobile or Wallet payments helps not only with customer experience but moves operators from traditional vending to digital automated retail experience.

Televend enables mobile and touch-free payments on any machine. Available for private and public locations.

Customer Engagement and Loyalty Platform

Engage with customers is what an intelligent vending machine does. It helps encourage more sales on the vending machine and creates personalized shopping experience for the end user.

Engage with your customers, collect their feedback and award their loyalty through the app using different rules or in app campaigns.


Benefits of using Smart Vending solution