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Get all of your support requests in a single stream and ensure the premium quality of your customer service with Televend.

Call Center Self-Service Industry

Real-Time Ticket Stream

Track all support tickets in a single place, regardless of their source. Whether it is a machine generated event, user call or email, or generated by technician in the field, all tickets come together in one stream.

Ticket Management

Work on tickets more efficiently based on their priority status. Automatically assign to the responsible operator, reply directly to the client from the call center, and update the ticket status based on your work process: approved, in progress, closed, etc.

Automatic ticket creation based on errors on vending machine

Automatic Ticket Creation 

Receive tickets directly to the ticket stream based on the machine events, errors, or warnings.

  • Receive what matters. Configure different rules for machine events, and receive tickets based on those rules settings.


Create Internal Notes

Communicate with your team internally on a ticket and collaborate on problems before replying to customers.

View Ticket History

Save time looking for the information and track all actions and communication on the ticket history list.

Notes on Tickets Vending Call Center
Televend Mobile App

Manage on the go Through Mobile App

View tickets, communicate with the dispatching team and resolve ticket easily on the go through the mobile app.

  • Ability to manage ticket from the app, add breakdown and resolution details, time spent on the issue, spare parts used, etc.

  • The technician can view the spare parts inventory and order the part directly from the app.

  • The customer can sign as an approval for spare part order or conformation of issue resolution.

  • Time tracking is monitoring the resolution time, from starting the route to ticket completion.

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