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Televend at Venditalia 2016!

Televend at Venditalia 2016!

TELEVEND SMART VENDING – third consecutive exposition at the biggest vending event in Europe – Venditalia Milano!

Televend has grown to be one of the most feature rich telemetry solution offerring a really attractive package which helps vending operators in their daily business, so it is no wonder that more and more big and small vending operators are turning to us looking for a way to optimize their expensive logistics. Our team will perform personalized live demonstrations of how to turn your business into Smart Vending.

Televend team will show you the unique power of our Televend box which is compatible with all different types of old and new vending machines and the most feature reach real time vending management package on the market:

  • Smart routing algorithm based on prediction
  • Real time technical errors from machine
  • Mobile app for fillers/service
  • Remote price changing of different pricelists (cash and cashless)
  • Complete cash management
  • Flexible reporting platform
  • Expiry date management
  • Vending Wallet – smartphone payment
  • Credit card payment

… this are just some of the great features we will showcase

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