This year brought us many challenges. From global, health, and economic ones, to the other more personal, day to day ones. For instance, how to organize a traditional Office Christmas party when larger gatherings are off-limits?

We didn’t want to write off the party completely. After all, our team has been working hard the entire year. And keeping in mind the mental torture we are all in due to our unwelcomed COVID-19 visitor, we thought having some time for fun and laughter would be beneficial for our team.

Encouraged by some well-done examples from the industry, we’ve decided to throw our own virtual Christmas Party! Each team member got a box of goodies delivered to their door which included a fun beverage, some party snacks, and a carefully picked out Christmas gift 😊

Although they knew we are preparing for something, our team was surprised when the gift boxes arrived at their door. And their furry friends enjoyed it too!

Now that we had our snacks and drinks ready, it was time to get this party started. We were happy to see that many of our colleagues took Christmas seriously, and came in their best Christmas outfit.

After some introductory words from the Board, next on the agenda was a comedy show, hosted by Vlatko Štampar, a well known and liked Croatian comedian. After we had a good laugh, it was time for a Televend pub quiz. The pub quiz featured a special edition about Televend fun-facts. Some of us did really well, and others… not so much 😀

All in all, we had a great time, and for a moment forgot about the fact that we are not sharing the same physical space for some time now.

Until next year, when we’ll meet at our old fashioned Christmas party, stay safe, and happy holidays!

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