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Leading European IoT professionals in the vending industry.

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A team of over 150 vending enthusiasts that carry traditional vending business into the future of connected smart machines!

INTIS, the producer of Televend, is a company founded in 1989. and since then is active in engineering and automation of most demanding technological processes. From industry to energetics, traffic and building automation all the way to telecommunications, IT and banking sector. With its seven affiliates in different countries from Europe and Asia, Intis is constantly present on all five continents. Dedicated to use of modern technologies in development of its own products Intis is constantly up to date with latest trends in the world of electronics and computing.


INTIS d.o.o.
Bani 73a, Buzin
HR-10010 Zagreb, Croatia
tel.: +385 1 7890-800
fax: +385 1 7890-888

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Televend is a globally used platform with over 25 international partner offices or subsidiaries. Looking to transform your business? Contact us wherever you are in the world.

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