4 in 1

INDUSTRIAL DEVICE that will exceed all of your expectations.

  • Transactions, errors and cash data in real time

  • Remote price change and machine setup with electronic display price control

  • Remote firmware update

  • 2G/3G/4G with ROUTER mode – internet connection for vending machine or bank card terminal

  • Temperature sensor add on avaliable

  • Own closed loop payment – T Wallet
    • Mobile payment via bluetooth / QR code
    • RFID card payment with simple RFID reader connected to T-box USB port
  • Easy 3rd party payment integration – SMS or any online mobile wallet

  • Integrated contactless credit card payment with simple certified USB reader

  • Preselection mode for other integrated readers – select and tap NFC card

  • Master mode in MDB, EXE, BDV, CSI and CCI – generating own DTS/DEX

  • Slave mode EXE and MDB – read out 3rd party DTS/DEX

  • Machine failure detection in real time or periodically (DEX & DDCMP)

  • 5 pricelists per payment device type

  • Age verification per product

  • Integrated with Micro Market

  • All functionalities available also in offline mode (in case of internet connection blackout)

  • Bluetooth statistics readout (DTS format)

  • Bluetooth payment (using customer mobile phone connectivity)

  • Battery add on available


T 1

Free flow machines

T 2

Table top machines

T 3

Free standing machines

T 4

Multimedia capable machines

T 1

T 2

T 3

T 4

FAST and SIMPLE installation.

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