Real-Time Telemetry

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Get an instant overview of all of your machines

Whether you have a machine park of 10 or 10000, Televend keeps everything and everyone on the same page so nothing slips through the cracks.

Real-Time Sales Data

Real-time Sales Reports

Track each sale made and its payment type on your existing or new machines. Create revenue reports for specific day, machine or group.

Real-time Stock Status

Remaining stock immediately refreshes after every new vend. Know in each moment what is the remaining inventory on each spiral or canister.


Real-time Errors and Events

  • Collect all events from different sources in a single console.

  • Filter through different statuses and assign events based on urgency.

  • Download excel with extra details.

Real-Time Alerts
Planogram Analysis Televend

Planogram Analysis

Collect valuable information about your products, and improve sales by changing the planogram.

Remote Planogram Management

Optimize your product placement based on what sells the most without visiting the machine.

Custom Reports Televend

Custom Reports Builder

  • Create different reports, analyze trends, and create forecasts.

  • Track progress by comparing the data through different time periods.

  • Create graphs to visualize data or export to .xlsx for a more detailed analysis.

Integrate with the tools you already use

Integrate Televend with your existing ERP or other logistics systems.

3rd Party Integrations

Televend Cloud integrates with many large vending and non-vending ERPs.

Bulk Import of Different Data

Easy massive insert, update or delete of all and any kind of data on the Televend Cloud.

Manual or Automated Imports

Import data from third party sources, manually or automated one time or scheduled import.