TPAY 20 – Bank Card Reader

Enter the cashless society with the reader packed with powerful capabilities, including contactless, NFC, RFID, and digital wallet payments.

Open and Close Loop Bank Card & RFID Payments

TPAY 20 is a powerful payment reader for all major credit card schemes and HF RFID payments. It can be used for open and closed-loop payments alike, so you can serve consumers on the open market and people in offices and other closed environments.

Certified RFID reader for NFC and bank-card payment connected to the USB port. It has the optimal size for any type of free-standing vending machines, kiosks, parking meters, EV charging stations, self-check-in transit systems, and self-serve pay stations. It adapts to three different housing schemes – landscape, portrait, and cubic.

  • Processor: ARM Processor
  • Dimensions: H 2.95 in. (75 mm) x W 2.36 in. (60 mm) x D 0.72 in. (18 mm)
  • Weight: 0.18 lb. (82 g)
  • Material: PC, 94V-0
  • Contactless Interface: Compatible with ISO14443 Type A & B, Mifare, Felica, NFC, ISO15693
  • Design: IP 65 and IK 07 design
  • Agency Approval: EMV L1, L2 certification
  • Communication Interface: TTL, USB, RS232
  • Encryption: 3DES, AES, RSA
  • MIFARE Classic
  • MIFARE Ultralight

Save time for

Your consumers can make vends in seconds with a simple tap. They can forget about going to ATM or counting coins.

Boost employee satisfaction

Offer free vends to your employees and reward them for their work as a form of an employee satisfaction program.

Make vends more convenient

Distribute convenient prepaid cards or key rings to your employees and students to always have them at their workplace or school.

Make more

Offering various payment options at your machines increases your chances of
making a sale.

Cut operational

Cut the costs of collecting and counting cash, and get fewer support calls for cash-related tech problems.

Increase payment security

Paying with digital options, your consumers can feel safer due to encryption and data authentication.

Relevant Markets