Cash Center

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Make each machine reach its full potential

Televend lists sales data for each machine, counts bills and coins in the machine, and purchase details so you can deliver faster, data driven decisions for your business.


Televend Box sends detailed cash collection reports from the machine’s payment system. All inputs and outputs in and from the machine are tracked with the exact denomination of coin or banknote (0.50, 1, 2, 5…). Report on money in the machine by checking current tube status.

  • Report on payment type per machine – cash or cashless
  • Excel export is available for detailed reporting


Using Televend Staff App, and scanning the money bag each step of the way, prevents revenue leakage. Fillers scan the money bag bar code and bring it to the cash room.

Money counted from the counting machine compares to the data reported by the Televend Box, which must match to achieve cash conformity. This process leaves no room for cash fraud.

Money Bag Tracking

Televend Cloud tracks money bags with the help of the Staff App every step of the way. When the bag is collected it is scanned, when it is in transit or transferred to somebody else, it is scanned. Everything is tracked, and the entire moneybag lifecycle is recorded in real-time in the Televend Cloud.

Money Bag Tracking
Tax Reports

Tax Reports

  • Generate end of the month fiscal reports needed for your tax payment

  • Explore differences between product types, machines or day of the week

  • Export it as a PDF report with custom company letterhead