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Smart Routing ALGORITHM.

Prediction based route planning makes sure you visit the machines at the optimal moment.

Flexible and configurable routing enables pre-kitting, live routing or hybrid workflows.

What is Staff App?

Televend Staff App is a mobile app for on-field vending operations. The app helps your fillers and technicians to easier navigate through their daily work.

This app has all the things your team needs:

  • All routes for the day, scheduled and detours

  • Pick up information for the route and planogram changes

  • Product ordering through the mobile app

  • Machine details and machine tasks

  • Errors and warnings for each machine

Televend Staff App
Televend Staff App Vending

Routes List

The app will show a list of all merchandiser routes and route details for the day, such as machines to visit at each location and a list of tasks for each machine.

Product Pick-up

All products needed for a machine visit are show in the app, and if there is a planogram change, like product replaced or price changed, the app will show it.

If failed vends occurred, the app will show all failed vends since the last visit, helping the team manage filling correctly.


Machines Overview

Color system helps to easily report on the machine status, and whether there are potential errors. This helps in better prioritizing which machine to visit next.

The app will show machine details such as: name, status, definition, address, etc.

Staff App Machines Tasks

Money Bag Tracking

Part of cash control, which shows where the money bag is at all times. Filler scans the money bag barcode and the app shows that money bag was collected.

At the cash room bag is scanned again, cash is counted and compared to the sales data from the Cloud.

Money Bag Tracking