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Smart Routing ALGORITHM.

Prediction based route planning makes sure you visit the machines at the optimal moment.

Flexible and configurable routing enables pre-kitting, live routing or hybrid workflows.

What is Pick & Pack?

Pick and Pack is a mobile and tablet Android app that helps you streamline your warehouse operations for vending.

The app is connected to the warehouse inventory and Televend Cloud, which means you can prepare the packaging for your routes based on the sales data and actual stock and consumption on the machine.

Packing Overview and Status

Get an instant overview of packing jobs for each day. Status indicates routes that need to be packed, are currently being packed, finished packing and overdue routes.

Packing Jobs

  • Pre-Kitting to box – pack products for each individual machine to boxes based on the predicted pickup. To speed up the packing, users can choose to pack several machines at once by putting several boxes on the cart.

  • Pre-Kitting to Paletts – packing of products for multiple machines to one palett based on the predicted pickup.

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Less effort for warehouse workers. Better support for fillers.

Achieve more in less time, pack exactly what you need in the warehouse and speed up the process of filling.

Barcode Scanning

Scan box while packing and fill your van based on the order of stops on the route. Last in, first out, to save time at your location and cut out unnecessary searching for the right box.

Each box comes with a barcode of its own, so you can easily scan it on location to make sure you got the right stuff for each machine.

Multi-Warehouses Support

Pick & Pack app supports companies with multiple warehouses. Each warehouse worker can be assigned to one or to multiple warehouses and can receive work orders for each of them.

Pick and Pack Van

How does it work?

1. Televend CLOUD

Plan your routes in Televend Cloud. Our smart system will immediately reserve product stock in the warehouse and send prekitting route list in the Pick & Pack app.

2. Televend PICK & PACK

Pick & Pack will list all planned routes with reserved product quantities. Collect multiple boxes or pallets, walk the warehouse and pack product for them together.

3. Televend CLOUD

Once the product is packed and ready to go, Televend Cloud will update the warehouse list* status with used products, keeping your data always up-to-date.

*Warehouse management module is coming soon to Televend platform.