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Customers engagement platform build to boost loyalty

Manage client groups and bonuses with no extra operating cost.

Enable payments even if machine have GSM connection problems.

Learn more about customers and reward their loyalty.

Rewarding Campaigns

Launch long-term or short-term, targeted, rewarding campaigns for your customers by using custom rules editor.

Reward Campaign Types:

  • To target specific clients

  • Giveback reward bonus for top spenders

  • Happy hour campaigns

  • And many more custom options

Custom rules allow you to keep track of your marketing costs in real-time.

Custom rules allow you to keep track of your marketing costs in real-time.

Loyalty Programs

Track all consumer activity through time, reward these activities with loyalty points, and offer consumers an option to redeem points for products on vending machines.

Use our loyalty points collection rule engine to assign points to consumer activities, and awarding them different rewards based on the number of points.

Employee Bonuses

Enable automatic employee credit daily, weekly or monthly or apply discounted pricelist for specific employee groups.

Lower operational costs, by allowing clients to manage employee credit themselves within a defined budget.

Eliminate visits to locations previously used to deliver the loaded RFID badges/keys.

Customer Interactions

Track consumer satisfaction after each consumption and improve customer retention, by getting more insight about them.

React on time in case of problems on the machines and improve service quality, with no extra operational costs.