Industrial Vending

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Gain control over your inventory

Televend Industrial Vending helps you cut operational costs, stop theft and optimize supply chain management. Keep getting better with Televend.

Easy Employee Management

Use existing RFID employee cards to identify employees on machines. Manage RFID cards, employee groups and departments in the cloud.

Integrate Televend Cloud with ERP system to have single point of user management connected to the machine.

Flexible Product Allowance

Use authorization rules to easily define which product can be used by selected employee group on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Change rules centrally with immediate effect on all machine in the factory.

Limit Amount of Products per Employee

Set up min and max withdrawal limits.

Restrict unauthorized assess, overuse of products, or report on users withdrawing less then recommended amount enforced by health, safety or HR policy.

Industrial Vending Solution

Stock Optimization

Remaining stock immediately refreshes after every dispense. Know in each moment what is the remaining inventory on each machine and never run out of materials needed for work.

Real-Time Product Usage Reports

Track each “sale” made and report on more popular products. Create cost reports for specific month, machine or machine group.

User Management

Manage your users by their user profile, or job requirements and set up different set of rules based on their persona. Restrict or expand their access and enforce safety policies based on their work needs.

Logistical Optimization

Track the usage of each product, by type and optimize your supply chain process by ordering in time just the product you need.

Factory & PPE Distributor Benefits

How does it work?


Televend BOX

A small device collects all data from the machine: sales, consumption details, errors, and more, and sends it to the cloud in real time.

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Televend CLOUD

A web app that gives online control of vending machines in real-time. Sales and stock data, errors and remote machine management.

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