How Fako-M increased sales by 30% and achieved higher work efficiency with Televend

FAKO-M Getränke GmbH is one of the largest beverage wholesalers in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. Michael Pauli, Sales Manager for the Vending Sector, explains how they use Televend to improve their logistics operations, increase routing efficiency and grow sales on their vending machines by 30%.

How did Televend help with the route optimizations?

FAKO-M was looking for a solution to help them make their logistics process and routing operations more efficient. With Televend their business is more focused.

“We know exactly what routes need to be done each day. We no longer need to carry extra products on routes that are not needed for fillings. The right in time approach to routing has helped us save every third route, and the sales improvements have made our business more sustainable.”


  • Lack of machines visibility
  • Suboptimal logistics operations
  • COVID restrictions


  • Real-time machine monitoring
  • Smart visit prognosis
  • Better planning for visits
  • Transparency of transactions
Trust Customers

Customer relations is of great importance to FAKO-M. Since using Televend they’ve gained more trust from their customers, because of the improved transparency. They can give guest roles to the clients, who can see the transactions and sales themselves. The clients see that everything on the invoice is exactly what has been sold, which has improved the relationship between FAKO-M and their clients.

How was your experience with Televend?

The team was immediately impressed. It didn’t take long to start seeing positive changes in the daily work. Route optimization was the first thing they noticed.

Fako M Beverages Case Study

“The problem we were trying to solve was designing our logistics better. When everything works in real-time, we can work more profitably. Our routes are optimally planned, and we know when it is the right time to fill. This has proven especially useful, during the COVID pandemic.”

The Implementation

Televend platform was implemented in 2020. It took about 9 months, as the whole process was delayed due to the pandemic.

“We needed to organize internally, but luckily with the help of the Televend team and Televend’s German partner Vendcult, it all went smoothly and now 100% of our cold drink machines runs on Televend.”

What has impressed you the most?

Highlight of Televend features FAKO – M finds the most useful.